Photo 20

Malika Favre



Every weekend, for as far back as she could remember, Vera and her parents would go away for day trips, sometimes to the beach, sometimes to the hills, sometimes to see her Aunt and Granddad. It was what they did.
She especially liked going to Stanmer Park. It was a regular outing spot for her and her family, but she didn’t mind because she could see the horses there. She loved horses. Looking at them in the fields always gave her a feeling of freedom. It made her daydream of all the places they could go the day she learnt how to ride. She was especially fond of Aintree- that’s the name she gave her favourite one- She imagined he would grow into a strong pure bred that would win the Grand National, who knows maybe even ridden by her one day
Wall Shelf – W900mm x H1200mm, D220mm – Ash & natural leather
Light – H600mm x Ø150mm – Anodised aluminium, borosilicate glass & vegetable tanned leather
Tray – Ø300mm, H300mm – Ash & natural leather & vegetable tanned leather
Paper Weight – Ø100mm, H150mm – Blackened stainless steel & vegetable tanned leather