Liliana Ovalle

Vera thinks of boxes


They were walking towards the pier before heading home. Vera was left a few steps behind her grandmother and mother. Walking while eating candy Floss is no easy task. She made a short pause to clean her sticky hands with a napkin. While doing so she noticed a man sitting in the sidewalk, just in front of her.
She didn’t want to get any closer but she paid attention to his hands. The man was closing and opening three small wooden boxes. When he lifted one lid he revealed a small object. the object seemed to vanish after closing the box, just to appear seconds later in the box besides. The man waved his hands around as if transmitting something very powerful.
Vera had never seen hands so rough. ‘Such thing is not possible’ Vera thought, ‘things do not disappear just like that’. She finished cleaning her fingers and told herself that it was time to catch up with her family. In the way back home, while she was sitting inside the car next to her grandfather, Vera pondered theories of the man’s disappearance act. None of them seemed convincing but that didn’t really matter. She fell asleep with the lull of the car.
Corian and Oak
Small L150 x D150 x H110 mm
Medium L150 x D200 x H90 mm
Large L200 x D200 x H70 mm